• Donation - Purchase

    First of all, I would like to thank you

    As I already said on my homepage, I wish I could change in my passion for photography, especially by buying new equipment. This requires money and unfortunately it does not fall
    alone from the sky. This is in order to earn a little that I put up this little system. You can either make a donation or buy one of my pictures.


    This is what is easiest (and most generous of you), just pay me the amount you wish via PayPal to the following email address:

    Oeil.Faucon @ yahoo.com


    Buy a photo

    Why buy a photo? As you probably have noticed, the photos exhibited are of low quality and marked with a watermark to prevent the "theft" to the extent possible. Buy a photo gives you the right to acquire a higher resolution (2000 pixels on the longest side) and especially without the watermark.

    Attention buy the photo does not mean that all have more rights over, or you can do whatever you want with it. For more information about this, please consult the Regulations.

    Okay, back on topic, to purchase a photo, simply pay via Paypal and specify the name / photo (s) you wish to purchase. Note that I also ask that you write to me "I have read and accept the rules" 1 (this is necessary for the protection of my work). As all this done by mail, I will automatically refer you and your then an email containing the / photo (s) purchased (s) (in 3 working days most).

    Price: € 2 per photo + 50 percent of fixed costs

    Mail: Oeil.Faucon @ yahoo.com

    1 A mail will be returned if you forget it. You will need to respond by noting the same terms. If a week after sending the reminder you still have not answered, so I'll refer your money (and therefore no photo).