• Regulations

    Yes, because there are always people who think they can do everything, I have to remember some things that are naturally obvious for many of us, but that for others do not necessarily flow from source ... So here is the little regulation that governs this little blog.

    About Pictures

    Every photo displayed is subject to copyright, ie that:

    • Any use of a photo for commercial purposes without the consent of the author is prohibited;
    •   Buying a photo, is not buying the copyright of that photo;
    •  Use for private purposes (sharing on social networks, other blogs, etc ...) can be done only if you mention the author of the picture and / or the name of the blog (oeil-de-faucon. eklablog.com);
    • Deleting the name of the author present at the bottom right of the picture is prohibited, erasing the watermarks present on the latter is also prohibited.

    It is guaranteed that all photographs displayed on this blog will not have any objectionable content, ie that:

    • Pictures of sexual , pornographic, racist or violent nature are strictly prohibited;
    •  It is the same for all pictures that are an attack on person's dignity in general;


    About comments

     All comments that are :

    • rude or insulting;
    • violent;
    • racist and / or xenophobic;
    • with a sexual orientation;
    •  or prejudicial to people's dignity in general;     

          are prohibited

    Any publication of comments means that you agree to observe this rules.


    You are the only responsible for what you post!
    The owner of this blog doesn't accept any responsibility in case of non-compliance.

    In case of non-compliance with this Regulation, the administrators of this blog reserve themselves the right to remove the problematic publication and / or to banish the author of the publication out of this blog.

    The owner of this blog reserves himself the right to amend this Regulation, if he considers it necessary.